Best dad ever
7 Billion smiles, and yours is my favorite.
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When Allah says: “Men are the qawwâmûn of women…” it means – and Allah knows best – that men are held liable for handling the affairs of women and are responsible for the women under their care. A husband, therefore, has the responsibility of taking care of his wife, protecting her, defending her honor, and fulfilling her needs regarding her religion and her worldly life. It does not mean – as all too many people have falsely assumed – that he has the right to behave obstinately towards her, compel her, subject her to his will, suppress her individuality, and thus heinously negate her identity.
His status as protector and maintainer is pure responsibility, pure liability, and not so much a position of authority. It requires from him that he uses his good sense, thinks carefully about what he does, and exercises patience. It means that he cannot be hasty and offhanded in his decisions. It does not mean that he can disregard his wife’s opinions and belittle her good person.We’re running out of men..


feelings are so complicated i don’t know if i like you or i’m just bored

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if u can’t handle me at my needy and over emotional and irrational u don’t deserve me at my pretending to hold it together

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Two of our all-time favorite TV stars looked #soteenvogue in our September 2004 issue.
Photo by Patrick Demarchelier.

Thesa Kurnia Sary 


marrying someone just because they’re rich has got to be the most shallow thing ever I can’t wait to do it

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